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Summer Pickleball League Standby Registration

Please Note that this is a Standby registration form. Registration for the league has closed, but you can fill out this form to get put on our standby list and we will reach out if we need someone to fill in for someone who is unable to play. There is no cost to be a standby participant.

This form is specifically for standby applicants. We will use responses as a waitlist for people who may need to drop out of the league or are unable to make specific events.

Get ready to serve, rally, and have a blast on the court! 🏓💥

Have any questions? Reach out -> [email protected]

First, let's get your contact information:


Which city are you in?



We use your phone number to send you League updates and matches.


Your address is used to help influence the matchmaking process.

Availability Notes

When are you usually able to play during the week (eg: Weeknights, weekends only). Do you have any periods of time you'd be unable to play?

Have you read and agree to the terms of service?

Have you read and agree to the terms of service?